How To Become The Perfect Roommate

Pedro's 3 step video guide for Roomate perfection!

After finishing each video, scroll down and test your knowledge!

Step 1: First Impressions
Step 2: Keep It Clean
Step 3: Social Life
Q1: What is the most important part about college life?
Q2: What should you do with your roommate from minute ONE?
Q3: What is the perfect cleaning utensil for the toilet?
Q4: What is the trendy color nowadays?
Q5: Studies reveal that _________ help students study better
Q6: What does "Ritual Satánico" translate to?
"This How-To video saved my college experience, I know exactly how to act around my roommate at all times" -
Brian Kim, New York University, Abu Dhabi
"Pedro is so appealing and easy to understand, this is a revolutionary video guide that flipped my rooming skills, deserves an A" -
Craig Protzel, Stanford University
"These shots are visually amazing, the directors are clearly devoted to the art of film" -
Flavia Cereceda, Oscar Award Judge